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Leeds V Arsenal 1972 Centeneray Cup Final
I was 14 when Leeds won the some 30 years later we are still trying to win it again.
I remember travelling to this game with my late Uncle Cliff Spencer who I used to have a season ticket with that season.
The atmosphere was fantastic, the game not fantastic, but “Who Put The Ball In The Arsenal Net, Allan,Allan Clarke” was born.
Tinged with sadness at the end when Mick Jones collapsed injured with a dislocated shoulder which seemed to make just as much news as Leeds actaully winning the cup.
A great day out!

Back to programmes...Now, what was a Leeds supporter doing watching Arsenal? Well, I’d never been to Highbury before, so as I was working in London thought I’d pop along. Being an early round in the EUFA cup thought it would be quiet and easy to get a ticket. How wrong I was! It was heaving.
I hung around the supporters shop until about 5 minutes before kick off - when a supporters club bus arrived with a couple of spare tickets. Hurriedly buying one, I dashed round to the entrance so as not to miss the start of the match. In my haste, I didn’t check the validity of the ticket (and neither did the turnstile operator) as I actually had gained entrance with the ticket for the forthcoming home match against Barnsley! This of course meant, I was trying to sit in someone elses seat - which he rightfully refused to share with me. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he twigged that someone had a dodgy ticket on his row but couldn’t be certain who. I just kept singing “Stand Up If You Hate Tottenham”.
In the end he refused to sit down and the police, despite his pleas that he couldn’t sit down because there were too many bums for the seats, threw him out. So, plenty of room after all. So, aplogies to that Gooner and also to the chap who presumably didn’t get his ticket for the forthcoming match against Barnsley (which Arsenal won 5-0)

Who can forget Leeds V Bayern in the 1975 European Cup Final? I went to this match with my best mate Martin Riley and we kept ourselves amused on the coach by a non-stop game of rummy. What can I say about the match - well “We Wuz Robbed” springs to mind...Lorimer’s “goal” was perfectly good - Bremner was not interfering with play. Clarke was cynically hacked down twice in the penalty area - no penalty given - and Bayern scored two killer goals. Oh, and that violence afterwards. Well we deserved to get banned for the damage we caused.
Ah well, there’s always next century!

Another match I went to with Martin Riley.Leeds V Birmingham away. This time we went on the train and arrived really early at the ground. Being a little peckish, we made a dash up the near empty terracing to the hot dog stand when suddenly one of the bright blue barriers jumped out at me and I ran straight into it.It opened my left eyebrow a treat and blood started pouring out!
Luckily I had my silk Leeds scarf and tied round my head it stemmed the bleeding but by the end of the match the blood was seepimg through. I was looking truly a hard case - and when we got got stopped by some Birmingham thugs in the Bullring, I just pulled off my scarf to reveal a very bloody gaping wound - they took one look and ran a mile. Needless to say, the wound took several stiches the next day at LGI and I had a bit of explaining to do.
Oh, and the hot dog stand? It must have been a figment of our imagination as there wasn’t one! We went hungry.

And here is a memory from Pat ......
Just a quick note to thank you for your web site. Brill. I used to go with my friend to Elland Road when we skived of school, to watch the boys on the training ground. We were both about 15 years old (both girls!). My hero was Norman Hunter and Janets was Alan Clarke! We were able to take some loveley pictures as they came of the training pitch into the main stand and then we would hang around untill they came out dressed to go home. We were so 'sad' that we even wrote down there car numbers incase we ever saw the cars out in the street!

I found your site because I was showing some friends my prized photos and as we are now getting senile we couldnt remember one particular face, you wont like this, it wasTerry Cooper!!!!! so thanks for solving that for me. I will forward you the pictures via my mate who has a scanner. They arnt of him playing footy, we were only interested in there looks!!!!!

May fave pic is of myself and Norman which I took back to Elland Road on a later day of skiving and got him to autograph it - ah happy days. I also have an autograph book but havent been able to lay my hands on it, however it is not lost.

Ive put your site to 'favourites' and will keep visiting.
Kind regards

PS Janet & I went to school in Pateley Bridge so it was no mean feat to get to Elland Road on public transport! It was easier though than trying to spot other heros of the day like Donny Osmond, David Cassidy Etc!!!


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